Thursday, May 15, 2014

wildetect design ideal coming to fruition

part of  the wildetecture design ideal is to take the Wildetect African, creative living experience, as interpreted by our studio,  to much further shores. having worked in London and realizing the immense growth one experiences as a creative through submerging oneself in other cultures. the wildetect design ideal manifesto of  the 3 wildetects doing commissioned interior , architecture , art , sculpture, fashion work in different countries around the world is fast becoming the reality. to  do wildetect design work in Scandinavia, Russia , Ukraine , Japan , New York , Sydney, Hong Kong , Paris , UK .
The wildetect studio consists of 3 dedicated  creatives -
Warren Hoffman wildetect 1 of 3
Dean Hoffman wildetect 2 of 3
QJD - wildetect 3 of 3
contact - for further inquiries