Friday, August 15, 2014


the design process for this VNLT wildetect style  piece has vacillated from one design extreme to another, over the last few years. i decided to go with part of the original design, coupled with additional new concepts.

Ive spent several very late nights polishing up the concept - working on schedules and pure design. and then not being happy at all and starting the process  all over again.

to be able to disappear for 2 weeks and purely create.get away from survive the rat race , hang on finger nail stuff.  what absolute bliss - write , design , conceptualize space. just enough money to create the luxury of time, to spend conceptualizing possibilities. not to much money - because creativity needs a hint of the starved desperate to add a smidgen of spice.

happy now - we can go to the next phase - the wildetect art exhibition on track for the 1st of September - still an immense amount to do - sigh.