Tuesday, August 12, 2014

VNLT - sketch 003 - "imagination is real"

my son learnt at school and taught me that the male seahorse incubates the eggs of the young after his partner puts them in the pouch. this is a powerful concept and renders an occasion in nature that the dude has the privilege of growing life.
i found this pretty powerful - so it was an easy fit to pay respects to this marvel by including the seahorse into the VNLT - wildetect style.
the table and several other wildetect 3 of 3 pieces will be on display this September.

1) VNLT - wildetect style
2) Sabre tooth toucan chair.
3) original mantis chair
4) 3 paintings and easels
5) fully loaded v8 skateboard rack
6) Citroen shelf
7) 3 Jules Verne chandeliers - 20 thousand leagues under the sea. -
8) wildetect chess set - wildetect gorilla warfare style.

wildetect 1 of 3 and 2 of 3 have their unique interpretations of fauvistic African design on display as well. anyone who has met the 2 - know the design energy they exude is phenomenal.

busy redesigning the VNLT - i deviated from the first concept - i dont like the design below. woke up hating it.  it is a dangerous thing to think beyond instinct. its happening to often now - that the first thread of an idea is always the best. we tend to refine and refine and obliterate the small strands of the original pure idea. its time to design it back.  - black out design day - do not disturb.