Monday, September 22, 2014

favorite design style

versatility in design

what is your favourite  design style?  this can be a very difficult question to answer, as design for me, is really  about conducting  long conversations with interesting people.  to my limited mind,  the best design is always  when the creative dialogue has been kept open for as long as possible. even whilst the last bit of paint is being touched onto the end product.  the last stitch is being sown , as the model is walking towards the runway.

 the answer to the above question is not the design style that is ones favorite - its the conversation with various people that always gets one excited. out of those conversations - what will be, will be.  as a designer one is just a catalyst to ideas buried deep in most peoples sub conscious. - whats that wise saying - see a need - fill a need.  the excitement for the designer is weaving these concepts out the mind - then  that is the best and most favourite design style for that moment in time.

as a creative designer - dont ever fall into the trap that self validation is dependent on external recognition. self validation is about stepping away from ones  ideas , in the solitude of ones studio. and being happy for the moment to leave it in that state of flux.   that feeling of,  im done for now - is the validation. as long as your content with where the concept  is - you can decide to carry on whittling or give the idea a rest.  the decision must be yours for self validation to apply.

unfortunately so much raw thought and synaptic design ideas are crushed and obliterated by loud critic and mealie mouthed design hacks. who would really, really struggle to design their way out of a 4 square paper folding exercise.  if what youve done is not enjoyed by others , listen, but dont be totally thrown off your course. after all - its your creative journey.

today and tomorrow - im going to try finish off 4 short stories rattling around my head, i still maintain dyslexics craft the purist form of creative writing. weaving thought with defunct lego blocks - can lead to a never before experienced end product.  drawing up a nado storm comic poster and buying wetsuits for my kids.  designing up a smaller Citroen ds shelf for the muizenberg festival in october.   watching a movie tonight - go out for supper.  that then is my favorite design style.