Tuesday, September 16, 2014

QJD architectural design studio - ripple house design

2km from my  design studio is an informal settlement community, and this morning the folk living in this area, for legitimate reasons, im not fully aware of right now.  decided to flex some serious muscle. so it meant i was not able to head out , as the roads are mostly closed by riot police. i was hoping to go to council and wait in various long lines, to see land usage and zoning professionals. sirens have been blaring up and down prince george drive most of today , and the waft of burning tires is filtering strongly through my studio. life goes on it seems,  even when the might of the majority decides life needs to wake up and smell the roses.

so i spent the day refining the ripple house design - conceptual sketches are great , fun and allow one to play. however  the process of taking an architectural design from conceptual sketches to working drawings is a very tiring one. one uses completely different thought processes. and one has to sculpt the spaces very differently. i apply an architectural designing from outside inwards philosophy. as the end product needs to resonate first for me.  most designers  i understand, work from a plan layout upwards approach. i feel reversing this process by first looking at what i want to achieve architecturally. i can then weave the spaces into the overall architectural end product - by achieving the architectural style of the end product first.

however sometimes what one thinks will work - needs many hours of refining  and more refining, until one is finally happy with the end product. ripple house has been through this arduous sketch refinement process and is ready for the more formal working drawings.  to visualize 3d to 2d means one has to think sections , elevations , plan levels simultaneously. not difficult if one is trained - but man it does leave one feeling jiggered. 

ripple house - revision b