Wednesday, September 17, 2014

thanks sadecor for the support - the wildetects really appreciate it

if work is ground breaking or a massive departure from anything currently on show - then commendation and acknowledgement is really appreciated and believe it or not - really necessary.

so when sadecor sent me a link to a write up they did on our exhibition in the young blood art gallery, bree street cape town.  it was worth gold - mint. thank you very much to the folk at sadecor and as the wildetects we really appreciate this commendation. it is few and far between ,  however very necessary in the forward track of any creative design outfit.

thanks again

we also received commendation from, to my mind one of the best living  american architects last week.  i have several of his books and his work has been a massive inspiration to us as the wildetects. his very kind words below and commendation was a reflection of the brilliance of his work. im not going to name drop - as im sure his commendation wasn't given for us to use his good name.  however his words really resonated hugely with us. and as creatives who enjoy passing on the stoke of  creative design without measure - thank you so much for the support and commendation. its what drives us. its the fuel that encourages sketch 1 then 2 then 3 ,  without it most creatives never get beyond sketch 1.

Dear Quinton Damstra and ALL you energized Wildetects!
Keep up the great work and don’t let world events, politics and other negative events take your attention away from your creative thoughts.   Keep up the great work and congratulations to you all!  Your ideas count.  Your thoughts count.  If you don’t make it happen who will?