Tuesday, October 28, 2014

wildetect sculptured architectural organic machine city scape concept

it has long been a fervent passionate ideal of wildetecture to break away from the big box, small box linear grid architecture which dominates and obliterates mans current city scapes. to create an architectural language that flows more with imaginative sculptural architectural  form.  a plasticity that allows form to compliment  functionality, not  obliterate its dimensional potential for beauty.   to put architectural beauty into our city scape periphery vision.

in order to realize this eventuality it is important to create a new set of engineered building blocks. similar perhaps to roller coaster technology and Eiffel tower engineering. man has played with possibilities in architectural form over the many years. the idea of pod machine, self contained units. with self equilibriating floors and gear and piston engineering.  to create a living, hanging in space,  within a sculptural architectural form, is not far off from our  reality grasp. living spaces could float in space rather than form a complete barrier to it.

the skeletal architectural structures could create sculptures from which the other wildetect ideals will be further realized.  perceived kinetic architecture , architectural shadow projection  and several other wildetect architectural experimentation's. African fauvistic design and architecture.

imagination is real and the concepts the wildetects are furthering and discussing - are a possible architectural  eventuality for a future time. not really expecting to see this happen in my time. perhaps a concept taken forward for another generation.