Thursday, October 30, 2014

hilarious very public design crit session - wildetect under fire - viking norse style

the design crit is never ever pleasant - in fact its the moment that makes or breaks a designer. public input into ones sensitive design soul.  well i started reading the comments about my wildetect viking norse longboat design. i found it the most entertaining crit ive ever had. apart from the swearing and the i absolutely hate the design comments. (which i started finding very funny as well)

i put the wildetect VNLT pic up on the net several years ago and have cast an eye on its track from time to time.  but when it trended this week and was picked up on imgur ,  reddit and 9gag, the public participation in the concept went off the charts. loved it. loved the comments , best public design crit ive ever had. its like simon cowell telling you - u suck dude. and finding it all a very funny moment. has anyone laughed at ol simon when hes lambasted them? i wish all crits could be this funny.

for a wildetect designer who has laugh induced asthma hectically badly,  this crit almost killed me. flipping heck. never really associated design crits with humor before.  ive taken all the comments into account and the next sketch will be a more refined effort. or not. wildetecture is form over function , squiggle over unwaivering liner grid - its a deliberate conversation that beautiful models in uncomfortable heels,  is visually better than neanderthal woman in comfy loafers. i have to say - models , heels.

thanks for all the humoristic energy - thanks for all the comments. i now have to seriously go on my nebuliser for a couple of hours. my family call me wheezy the penguin. very unkind i know - but hay - thats a fact.

for a complete wildetect design-a-maniac such as myself – this was pure fuel man – absolute super food. Sadly for The wildetect mantis chair, its gonna be spitting mad man, Spitting mad. venomously vitriolic chair - pure danger to sit in, if not in the lime light.