Sunday, November 2, 2014

the proverbial artist conundrum

if an artist paints, sculpts, design, creates in a solitary vacuum and the work is never ever seen. and the creative work is then completely destroyed before another pair of eyes can gaze on the end product.  

was it ever art? 

one step further back - if what is in my imagination, never reaches the light of a world day. 

am i an artist?  

as wildetects , We are always  creating in a vacuum, yes.  but by sending the conceptual sketches outside of our personal creative space. via blog , post , website etc. before the ideas are forgotten, they are aired. Which renders them visible , therefore making the creative idea and the concept alive. 

so as a creative it is a fervent drive to continue to push ones ideas. even if one feels nobody cares, nobody is really looking. in my opinion its what keeps one sane.  the idea is to extract what is in your  creative imagination as quickly as possible. improving the skills of ones artistic communication. constantly practicing and improving skills,  in one of the many mediums of artistic expression. and create , create , create.   

way to much to create and design and way to little  time to do it.