Sunday, November 2, 2014

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youngblood art gallery in cape town  has been very instrumental in giving the wildetects a very solid exhibition platform to work from.  for fringe creatives such as ourselves - this is mint.

we really appreciate the support and value the input - thank you. wildetecture had a mention in the cape times  newspaper art column recently. stumbled across wildetecture whilst drinking my coffee, reading the morning paper. pretty exciting - a rare little blip on the arts radar. had to have another coffee just make sure it wasnt the coffee making me see things.

cape times - wildetecture design mention

world design capitol 2014 - cape town

another cape town design platform that has been giving the wildetects some much needed airtime recently, has been the world design capitol cape town 2014. at the beginning of the year things started slowly for fringe creatives such as outselves, with this design platform. however the wdcct2014 has really made up for any appearance of being slow in the second half of this 2014 year.  the design makers and thinkers exhibition to my mind is the most successful , best cross section of high quality capetonian design in one space to date. it really showcased a city we can be proud of - a phenominal success. well done and thank you. very privileged to be a very small part of this ground breaking design exhibition.  its effects will resonate for years to come - of this im very sure.