Sunday, November 2, 2014

wildetects going to approach kick starter shortly with 2 projects.

proposal to kick starter wildetect project 1
mechanize the wildetect mantis chair - i really want to robotise this wild african fauvistic seat. link it to gaming stations and create an extension to the first 3 sketches. for this i will need finance and robotics expertise.  i notice i have huge traffic on this site from the east - cmon guys, lets talk - you guys are the tech robotics gurus of the world. im an aesthetics pioneer designer in the wildetect genre. what say we align some creative forces and make something out of this world.? just putting it out in space.

proposal to kick starter wildetect project 2
what any designer needs is creative design time. how does one get time to create and live. well you need to make sure life is catered for whilst you zone into the creative imaginative. my folks thought all sorts of crazy things of me - as according to my mom, i only started talking when i was 4. im an observer, interacting with the outside can be a task. not always pleasant - not always important.

well in proposal 2 - i would like to create the nado storm edition 1 comic. picking up on the legends of cape town through the ages and creating a comic that resonates these ideas historical and imaginative. for this i would need 3 months solid time on this project. as i still need to cater for the basics and financial responsibilities. if these are taken care of for the 3 months. i can draw create and
get busy. all who donate get an edition 1 - nado storm comic sent.

these are just 2 things i would like to be busy on - however running an architectural studio gets in the way of imaginative wildetect ventures.