Thursday, November 6, 2014

V3BOLA viral voyage of the trending viking norse longboat table. wildetect style 3BOLA , VBOLA

thanks very much to all the folk that have given energy to the viking norse longboat tables trending viral internet campaign.  im calling it the VBOLA or V3BOLA concept (vbola a cool name for a rock band- BTW if your looking for names for your rock band, email me - ive got tons.  i put that VNLT image on the net 3 years ago and it only went viral  now. over 1.8 million views in 5 days ,  so  for creative ideas to catch  vbola or v3bola, it is pretty difficult it seems - 3 year incubation time.  i thought the wildetect mantis or the wildetect ds Citroen shelf would spark first. but no - the marauding viking table forges ahead on the trendometer.

anyway,  some folk where wondering what an africa born designer is doing fiddling around in the viking culture. well part of my ancestry, (i say part because i have a very colorful bloodline) is from friesland (according to the dutch lady behind the counter at a hotel in amsterdam - its where all the madmen are. her very serious words to me, not mine. i immediately loved the place and that part of my ancestry)  and then part of being born on the african continent is a  fervent exploration of past linked culture. genetic creative design experimentation in some ways. as well as being inspired by the many cultures on our continent and the wild african fauna and flora - sky , land , sea.   all this inspiration to ultimately try to understand self.
also, surprise , surprise  the vikings where known for 3 things amongst others - and you cant do the one, without sending genetic material across the known and unknown world. enough said really. so i feel i have a certain linkage to be able to design the longboats, oops longships that my ancestors watched wildly paddling and sailing over the distant horizon.

i term myself as a perpetual motion creative - business , money and those ideals have never really interested me. my kids ask me what subjects they should do at school - i just say, stay extremely far away from any of the arts, do  accounting. do all the subjects that teach you to earn big money, take care of a family and survive more easily. the path of a creative is fraught with huge peril, dangerous pathways, mountainous dangerous seas,  monsters and DEATH! - its only an arena for those who dream big, imagine wide and are prepared to walk far on their own bleeding stumps.  my flipping kids want to do art. flipping heck,  go figure.  the reality is the road of a creative is not a monetary wealthy one. if money is your poison, then you better drink something else. few make it in the creative arts, as the trajectory is much longer,  one has to carve out a name first. this takes time and  lots of no bread to bed evenings, always abit of wine mind you. great conversation and the gnawing imaginings of, maybe this idea is the golden nugget. we rich charlie , we rich my boy. (sorry lapsed into a fusion chocolate factory reality moment - fortunately i noticed johnny depp look like helen, weph, to put either under my nose - couldive been gone for days)

so having had a life scare several years ago, in the aftermath of the news , i started calculating days lived if one makes it to say 60 yrs, hrs spent on the planet etc etc. the usual thing im told when your analyzing and unpacking such things in those moments. i realized we all dont have  very long on this very cool rock. so i decided to purely work on my creative imaginative designs as a perpetual motion creative venture. if a like minded person picked up on it and carried it forward when im gone,  then thats great, that would be the goal. with so much creative energy spent following trends and past masters and other creatives , artists and designers. i felt i had lost my own creative communicative expression and language.  so wildetecture was born. an african fauvistic creative expression of now 3 african fellow wildetect thinking creative designers. our own unique interpretation of what its like to create within the african context, also having ancestral influence from the rest of the world. a fervent pursuit of a unique expressive language.  wildetecture style.

weve had a few big wildetect milestones along the way - we had  a very encouraging email from to my mind, one of america's foremost living architects. (that has been the super highlight of our wildetect journey) a tip of the hat from a man of that creative design calibre. Bart Prince - wow his kind encouraging words really meant allot. (light in a dark place)    weve had wildetect exhibitions , articles in a few fringe design mags and blogs. a mention in a local cape times paper (whohoo), the folk at world design capitol 2014 have been very kind to us, as well as youngblood art gallery in cape town.  Isandhlwana investment has really also helped us along the way.  very powerful creative fuel events are the viral VNLT design crit files - over 1.8 million views in 5 days , many really funny comments on the design. the Smithsonian museum archiving 2 articles about wildetecture. it was like a tiny blip on the artistic mega board. maybe we onto something here.  maybe the perpetual motion is moving this ship on future tides.  man now thats fuel.  also according to webstatsdomain this QJD site is worth over 1.3 million us$. pretty cool for a creative from muizenberg -  souf efrika (must say that with a local SA accent)   nogal. (afrikaans for "can u believe it")

but the most powerful thing is - we get to wildetecturalise and  wildemagine (rock band name - u see im not kidding)  stuff that nobody can tell us we cant do. this is a wildetect creative journey and we dont really care much, if nobody likes it, if nobody buys anything. if living out my days imagining some kid in three hundred years time seeing a wildetect design uncovered from one of our burried time capsules and then imagines something much, much better. then man that brings a huge smile to my face , that is better than money. thats perpetual motion creative design - wildetect style. creating for self with the possibility of sparking someone else.