Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wildetect African Raw - Fauvistic Architectural Design - WAR - FAD


because  conceptual architectural experimentation of form, has been moving progressively away from big box, small box , fanatical horizontal, vertical grid linear structures for quite some time now.  the architectural sculptural  possibilities are now excitingly exponential.

the architectural organic machine city scape possibilities will be for ever transformed into huge living sculptures. i say living because the blood entity to these structures, the flesh aspect, will be us. we will play (apart of) and (be a part from)  these organic pod machine architectural sculptures. although i can articulate my concept in words, it is far more powerful in the raw creative sketch.  the only time to my mind where less explaining is more powerful.

RAW - Raw Architectural Wildetect.
WAR - Wildetect Architectural Raw.
this process of Raw Architectural Design. FAD - which is the fervent pursuit of an expressive architectural language - driven by passion of form and all things   beautiful that is filtered through the human mind.

(acronyms are great -its a simple  form of writing a secret code language that some one needs to know the first to understand the second.)

this form of architectural landscape will require a complementary steel and concrete design system. in the most part we have the structural ability to create these huge sculptured architectural frame buildings. from which living , working pods can hinge off. i personally like the fact that the architecture is not forming a mass block to the elements. you have minimum structural earth contact, people  can  walk under and see through the structure. the great glass elevators would work on the premise of a roller coaster ride. (obviously not as wild - but hay try lift no 8 - flipping wake you up before having your coffee) an architectural structure for a new architectural dawn , with a new type of tenant.
because the age of the  big box, small box linear dimension architectural professional is yesterday.

when walking under and between the Eiffel tower,  the concept of space between structure is very apparent.  the structure becomes almost wearable,  like an immense structural jacket.  ive designed homes where the structure becomes the ego of the occupant. architecture is just an extended form of who we want to project ourselves to be.  architecture that projects itself as being of the african  untamable landscape. wildetect style. with architectural shadow projections (ASP) to enhance the depth of the architectural experience. wow,  now thats a structure i want to live and work in. this highest building in the world accolade is great to strive for - however what about architecture than can fullfill several creative points of design  departure in one? to challenge the visual and interactive senses.

like the viking norse longboat table design - it will have its vehement design detractors, its likers and its lovers.  thats the beauty of  individual human creative thought - structure and end product is the skeletal remains of our ideas. this is my thought architectural skeleton in the embryonic form. for some - interestingly frightening im sure.