Sunday, November 30, 2014

wildetect skateboard deck range 2014 - revolution series

the next set of organic wildetect shaped skateboard decks is ready for the anvil and firing. these form part of the wildetect skateboard,  cape town revolution series 2014.  taking brutal african fauvistic inspiration from machine aesthetics.  however trying not to lose the hint of  africa organic shape,  of adder or curved line.  adding a touch of the medieval knight and hard edged  geometric linear.
wildetect style.
will start these wildetect prototype manufacture this week. interesting to see how they perform in the test runs. the last set of shapes took awhile to perfect. a good couple of tar burns and scary down hill moments. coming up to 44 in 4 days. interesting to see if i can still recover as fast from the R and D process.

skateboard deck design as interpreted by a wildetect creative. using  patented  organic spine technology.