Monday, December 1, 2014

wildetect lion head skateboard deck design

the concept of creating sculpture into functionality is nothing new,  trying to explore how far to push a skateboard deck into the realm of artistic sculpture isnt either. but im very sure this wildetect lion head skateboard deck creation is something not yet seen in either discipline.  abit like the wildetect viking norse longboat table. VNLT
as a wildetect creative fervently and constantly working on   output of  design. creating a portfolio of evidence is the only pursuit that proves or disapproves ability. design is, as design does,  creative endeavor is, as it does.  both being a "doing" exercise.

it sounds really crazy i suppose - one of the most  design "now" awakening experiences for me was when i had a rther large skin cancer hitchhiker removed from my back. (all my surfing)  i  suddenly realized not enough days to create  left. so ive been in super over drive design mode ever since. these wildetect designs are therapeutic for me - so they dont have to make sense to you. and you dont have to like them, infact id rather you didnt.   told you its crazy.

on another design note - architecture is such a stoic discipline - i like to think wildetecture is a tongue in cheek response to this sombre, serious mindset. my experimentation's of form and shape in other design disciplines are part of  a learning process. and  this design  journey is mine - and when its done - i hope ive said everything i wanted to say.  and if i havent - maybe someone else will carry on the conversation.

talking to designers across all disciplines - the only thing that counts  is a body of original work.  this is what the wildetects are passionately putting together. talking to many designers one also finds that talking doesnt really count, if one is not "doing". architecture , art , interior , sculpture , fashion, product design - the only indication of any sort of ability is output, output and more output.  now im not foolish to believe my wildetect output will  be liked. but nobody can really argue about the synaptic shear volume of wildetect work. across several disciplines.