Sunday, December 7, 2014

wildetect dreaming - passion or posing

from time to time i email my unsolicited wildetect design work to various design mags, furniture experts and sporting code guru's. surfing , skating,  biking.  just to get a sense of where , what,  how? to try spark a thought outside of ones own small mindset influence, create a connectivity outside the proverbial box.

creative design originality is a very strange arena to try muster up an external  interest energy. Raymond Loewe mentioned a concept called MAYA - most advanced yet acceptable. if one goes beyond this line,  one most definitely finds a very limited response from the current herd mindset of the day.  the responses are unequivocal - not hardcore enough , does not fit in to our publications current framework etc etc.  between the lines reading is - your a flipping design hack and a poser.  sometimes there is no reading between the lines - its pretty obvious. well most designers are ego fueled posers. to extrapolate a design concept out of oneself is in some ways - striking a pose.  to think anyone really cares - well thats the ego.  otherwise for many, why spend days trying to think out the box, if one doesn't put ones work in front of others.  

what one does find is that sometimes the box's sides are acid screen barriers - not catering for design light beyond its perimeters.  for these mindsets i suggest possibly a totalitarian existence is best suited.

its important to note the wildetect brand was started as a knee jerk reaction to being controlled by the client. so in order to maintain sanity - one has to get rid of the client. get rid of the perimeters everyone else is working in. yes, yes  its completely foolish as the client has the money. but their in lies  the exhilaration of the design.  no client , no money - what else can possibly drive you to spend hours conceiving left of center design ideas?  foregoing food , comforts and the like, for months on end!  some would say passion ,  some will definitely say poser. me personally - i say - i dont really care. because im actually having fun. 

so whether the designs are not hardcore enough or the furniture is flipping uncomfortable. this is my personal  interpretation of things around me. and i think everyone should start creating their own artistic interpretations and stop worrying about marketability , sustainability of concept. what would the past dead masters do?  wheres wally?   and just start  free wheel designing. try it - wildetect style. go get sparked. go think of and communicate an idea that epitomizes you that isnt confined to the thinking of  the everyday herd. i dare you. send it to all and sundry and watch how your unique design idea gets completely shattered and massacred - then go on ,  do it again. an explosion of creative thought - man , it keeps your sense of humor, i tell you. definitely makes sure the design poser in you doesn't take itself to seriously.