Wednesday, December 10, 2014


the wildetects are getting ready to launch a life style architectural  design center.  dean sent out an APB on some lamp post designs. so obliged with a sketch between wrapping up work drawings for the year.  the concept encapsulates several of the wildetect architectural ideals weve been fervently experimenting with. without giving away to much. a launch date of concept is soon.   here is  a very rough sketch of the lamp post design. my wife reckons they look  very  dr zues like. this wasnt the point of design departure or intention.  very happy non the less that it ended up with that sort of feel. the point of departure was octopus tentacles - nautical.  just tired of the constant exactitude monotony of street furniture shape - i feel certain street landscapes need a strong organic line. we are row upon grid orientated designers. to take a leaf from a tree - few trees grow in exactly the same shape in a forest. which really adds to the forests aesthetic dynamic. why should all lamp posts in a row be exactly the same. im sure this is not new - but its new to me and the visual experimentation projections are going to be fun. also this design caters for light disks, speakers and solar panels. without having to add shape. as the circles can be multi use.

abit of " green tentacles and calamari."