Friday, January 23, 2015

Kylemore Quarter

the  design concept behind this development - was a  fusion of   history and heritage in the cape wine lands. its a fact that the cape dutch homesteads are rich in architectural detail and design. the colors of the bo-kaap have a unique vibrancy and  cape towns famous,  green market square with its cobbled surface is to be emulated here. the vibrant color concept  have made way for a white throughout design. however the layered  plaster moldings will heighten the facades architectural drama non the less.

each of the 18 homes will have the fire place chimney detail inspired by a cape dutch homestead in the cape. i have seen that some homesteads have several chimney details in one cape dutch home. this architectural landscape and touch of history aspires to keep the homes unique.  carbon copy homes do not really inspire one - however slight variants of a strong theme , create an environment that is easy on the eye and pleasant to live in.

the gate is a unique QJD design - and welcomes the home occupants back in subtle dramatic fashion.

wiledtecture design has really done a superb job with the artistic representation of this presentation. if you are looking for renders and models.  and want an extremely high professional level of service shown to design detail and render - contact .