Thursday, January 22, 2015

drawing boards , rulers, pens and books

im a real pack rat collector for no real reason , other than its abit of a safety blanky i suppose.  over the many years ive scoured thrift shops and charity garage sales and wrestled drawing equipment and books from all and sundry.

so needless to say - i have an incredibly vast collection of drawing draughting equipment. when i say vast i mean a huge collection.  im busy clearing my office this week. and the possible adage of  a cluttered head space is not always a fruitful one, springs now immediately to mind. ive been sitting on all this stuff. scale rulers , rulers, technical pen sets , drawing boards and the like. my brother and sister inlaw , shanna and richard have done the kindest thing by creating  space and allowing me to store my stuff outside of my office.  they have also spent 5 weeks tirelessly working from 8 till very late repairing and changing necessary things around our home. i have to say - im humbled by this generosity and kindness.
i have a huge book rack now  and dust free space for my many collections. i have immediate access to my library of books as well. i have thrown away skip loads of collected stuff over the last few weeks. things and threads of possible concepts that ive moved on from. this process has been extremely liberating - and now as i survey the departing remnants of my previous creative space - ready for the new.  im really excited to cut a new swath . thanks shannawanna and richard the lion heart - wow your  hard work is really appreciated and has allowed me to see the blind spot of a space clutter-er. its definitely been a much needed readjustment of a dead end, head knocking  maze stuck mindset.

found this model sketch of a  destijl style drawing board i designed awhile back. always felt if the tools one used to design where themselves art. the end products would be sublime. but small experience has taught me - one doesnt need artistic creative tools.  a cheapy pen and scrap not all cut the same size  paper can also yield good ideas. so in my searching for the best expressive creative tools - i missed the point that one can use dirt and just the hand - to express a plethora of thoughts.