Wednesday, January 21, 2015

out the design box , off piste design thinking.

the challenges of creating something that's not yet been seen in a sporting code or design discipline, is huge.   and because its so huge, it becomes the thing.  it becomes the thought process outside of the design box. that could be called,  off piste design concept thinking.

very strangely enough the biggest challenge isn't perfecting the off piste design idea itself.   once  one completes the various strange looking prototypes and steps back from the canvas so to speak. its the crinkled nosed, frown faced - what! , who,  do you think you are fiddling in the unfiddable arena of  our sporting code or design discipline box?  you do not have permission from the herd!!  you see someone - somewhere owns surfboard , skateboard, bike , furniture and architectural design prototyping. so if one hasn't dared to consult with this mystery someone. your not really allowed to fiddle.  im still trying to find this elusive someone - tony hawk? kelly ? tom? gaudi (ok hes not around) - edward scissors hands. it really beats me. but until i find them - im going to design off piste,  idea fiddle .  sorry man. if you dont like that - turn your head buddy - turn your head now - fact is im not really ever going to make enough of a design impact to threaten you.

yes , most people react quite starkly to any kind of design box tweek or change - its this initial surprised , sometimes interestingly very angry  reaction, (before the herd gets comfortable with a design concept change.) that first caught me by surprise. i thought the concept of design experiment prototyping was everyone's thing. nope its not. design purists are never ever  easily swayed. maybe its this design group i need to get permission from first - before putting pen to paper and going off piste with wildetect concepts.

so - if anyone knows who one has to get permission from to spend ones own hard earned cash, and ones own time , pushing ones own design box envelopes. please give me the name and number asap. - ta

im posting a very rough drawing  of our wildetect surfboard prototype design one - the wildetects are making  up a retro prototype working model  and then getting our wildetect surf test pilot to throw himself over some wave ledges at the llandudno surf  session in feb.  and  sorry if we haven't asked your permission to change the aesthetics of a  surfboard, or skateboard or bikes or furniture or  architectural concepts for that matter. were very, very sorry man. incidentally we have wildetect skate test pilots and wildetect bike TP"s. (send application if interested)

its to my mind a very interesting conundrum, that certain design minds go on about the holy Grail of thinking outside the  box.  surprisingly when someone tries to - all be it maybe, very badly. the design box herd goes completely bazerk. BTW  that's the very same design  herd that has learnt the minute parameters of this box , learnt and studied the fine, definite rules and size , shape and texture of the  box. learnt the absolute exactitude's of the box over 10 maybe 20 years,  at esteemed design box learning institutions. and even have vast degrees to prove their design box  capabilities and thinking design mentality. some have also managed to put every previous creative design mind,  who has ever lived,   into  individual  design boxes.  then studied and learnt all they can about these design boxes to the very last detail.   it is my experience that its  this very same design box herd - that immediately cries radical, extreme, vitriolic design foul when one appears to stumble outside of the box framework. DONT COLOUR OUTSIDE OF THE LINES!!  dont make waves .   you see, it seems that  you are not really supposed to think or create outside of the design box.  that my friend is not for you, that's the domain of the elite  professionals and uber design experienced. its for the out the box design people,  and that  is most definitely not you.

you must just think design box like the herd, like the rest of us,  follow the trends and shut up - or you will be design cred doomed.  destined for the wastelands of design Siberia. a jumping for the cameras, behind the esteemed design box thinking elite, look at me , look at me you might go.  whilst nobody  really notices or frankly is even interested or cares in the out pourings of your nut noodle design mind . you might even, quite tragically really,  be deleted from certain SA design elite forums - as i have been. which left me extremely emotional , tearful and needing years of therapy. oh wait i think i was in need of that anyway. -  its the struth.

i have to say - i have come to feel very comfortable with this dynamic - because the aftermath of a massive design boxer crit,  although incredibly enlightening, is also incredibly soul destroying and bruising. when ones motive for fiddling outside of ones personal understanding of the box is pure enjoyment. not  mass sales of product or the usual reasons for puffing oneself up.   then tinkering around in ones own head space can be very rewarding.   im still going to in my way , try think design stuff outside of the design trend box framework. even though i am fully aware its potential design cred suicide.   you see

creativity  knows,  no bounds.
creativity nose,  know bounds.
creativity no's , nose bound.

well i wouldn't want my nose to be creatively bound - "siesman," (afrikaans for sis man)  i mean really.  all i can say is that this off piste design concept approach of doing the exact  opposite to  the design box trend herd  - is not for everybody  and i can hear the design boxers exclaim, " thank goodness!."