Monday, February 9, 2015

wildetect architecture

architecture that challenges the big box,  small box trends is always going to create its own vitriolic viscous criticism or possibly small praise. African fauvistic design is not about creating architectural design that is loved by the masses. its about creating architecture that opens dialogue. debate , criticism. its for the few. its about challenging what is perceived as currently normal - and just maybe pushing the built environment envelope slightly in a direction.  away from the current rectangle , square , triangle,  circle,  Really, is that all we've got.

wildetecture is an at times brutal departure from this dynamic.

here is an african fauvistic  wildetect style feline  building , it verges strongly towards   sculpture, the engineered self-equilibrating pods would work on a gimbal type arrangement.  So the wildetecture  building would be part dynamic sculpture,  part functional living entity. visual form and function sharing equal parts of the whole. form = function.

This design encapsulates the dynamic vibrancy of  what we are architecturally experimenting with as theoretical wildetects ,  African fauvistic style.   hopefully visually the wildetect feline building speaks for itself.  what we feel is a bold step away from the big box small box architecture we see dominating our city scapes today.

like it , don't like it -  purely sculptured architectural  space is an idea / concept  as long as man has been creating living space.  our buildings reflecting wild nature in lines is a strong visual experimentation. not figurative or abstract but literally. - nothing new , new to the wildetects and definitely an architectural language worth exploring.