Thursday, February 5, 2015

wildetecture - coralscape architecture - muizenberg proposal

coralscape wildetect architecture  - african fauvistic style. a graphic  bold colour sketch.

because everything humanly architecturally conceived has been done. odes to big box, small box architecture , skinny rectangle , fat rectangle , triangles,  circles and straight edge analytic precision, all been done.

wildetect coralscape  seeks to explore different avenues of architectural shape - rough yes , naive , yes , childlike, yes - but to my mind a necessary shift in bold color and organic architectural shape,  to mold an architectural landscape more akin to the poet or the sensitive artist. than the brutal mind of the human mechanisms. dont get me wrong - i love machines, math and the fiercely analytic mind.  however i also really love the soft curved line of organic shape. 
you see , for me , juxtaposition is about the design distance and the interesting concepts between radically opposing ideas.   this architectural exploration has been done before , not by many designers,  but those who are driven to try and interpret a different approach to the everyday and the well worn path .

A wildetect design creative sits on the very far side of architectural design  reason and acceptability.  A type of joker if u will.  One has to be bold enough to listen and see all concepts without judgment.  And definitely must not  be overshadowed by current design trend thinking chatter. The concept of Wildetecture is and always has been an absolute, at times brutal departure from what is currently architecturally  or aesthetic  design acceptable.   It’s a driven passion of the astute wildetect observer to explore all.  However the wildetect observer needs to have the guts to pen what he sees and feels,  Without really caring about what the "anyone" is going to say.

and lets face it, those "anyones" who militantly and fervently piddle on other design mind parades.  usually and not always, never ever really can conjure up a parade worth piddling on.