Tuesday, March 3, 2015

wildetect Medusozoa chandelier - jellyfish

been in my new QJD design studio office for a few weeks now and im really loving the space.  im slowly filling the space with  various design prototypes and  wildetect designs. along with my huge library.

the wildetect medusozoa chandelier formed part of a series of 2 chandeliers i termed the Jules Verne - twenty thousand leagues under the sea range. i created these 2 pieces for an incredible client in a very unique space.  the client sold off the space and sadly the new owner didnt share the vision for the chandeliers. so i saved them from what ever fate people have for things they find far, far to wild. ive had them stored until i built up the energy to relook at the pieces and find them a new space.  the original client still owns the piece and im just keeping it for safe measure, whilst the right space is located.

i decided to combine the 2 wildetect chandeliers into 1 dramatic one.  i didnt have the energy to revisit the medusozoa since the de-installation several months ago - creative sensitives sometimes dont always behave rationally -however this time was the time.  i re-assembled the medusozoa (BTW its latin for jelly fish)  animal and installed it behind me in my new office for now. its rather dramatic and way to big for the tiny space - but its full on wildetect drama at its best - and to be brutal life needs a  bit of drama in the canvas - so its hanging behind me in full wildetect nautical war cry. the pictures dont do it justice really -looks like a dangerous animal behind me. ready to envelope and eat my brains out and devour  me alive. pretty much like most wild things on the African continent  really.