Monday, March 2, 2015

wildetecture fingerprint city

wildetecture is the concept of designing what is initially pure theoretical architectural ideals. however the more one looks at these  futuristic wildetect designs.  the more one realizes its possibility in reality.  most of the wildetect design concepts are very out there - way beyond maya. however as human collective design thinking, takes the idea in, processes it,  the concept  starts to develop,

a this could be possible energy.

recently a previous student brought to my attention that a fingerprint house,  similar to the wildetect architectural fingerprint city  was doing its viral thing on the net. which he felt was a design concept steal.  as in my wildetecture lesson i showed them the possibilities of fingerprint city several years ago and have uploaded many images of the concept to the net.

my answer to him was the fact that this human collective design thinking is seeing this concept as a possibility is very encouraging. i never felt any of the wildetecture design ideas would make it closer than a fringe design idea. (well not in my lifetime anyway) so the fact someone else is unpacking the concept is encouraging.

wildetecture is about pushing the boundaries of aesthetic design and then making the concept work. its an imagination is reality ideal.  

here are a few renders we where keeping under wraps - however with the release of other fingerprint architectural structures being showcased on the net. we felt its time to release the imaginings further.