Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Africa's constant EMERGING title - really, really annoys me.

why is it - that Africa always is portrayed or  portrays itself as an emerging powerhouse - in all arena's it seems. emerging financial markets,  emerging 3rd world. emerging sports stars, emerging actors. emerging creatives, emerging designers and emerging artists , you get the drift. this emerging tag,  to my mind is rubbish. what next - emerging ubuntu?

personally and in my opinion - Africa's cultures , creatives, designers , artists , financial processes - are some of the oldest and in some cases the best world wide.

so this is just a question - why does it seem that most people  feel Africa  is still constantly arriving?

to my mind this concept is complete balderdash and poppycock really!!!.

Africa  is and always has been, a giant. 

yes, some of us in Africa are still arriving , emerging, trying to gain notoriety. Africa the colossus, stands shoulder to shoulder to the rest of the planet. and is definitely not the younger kid on the block. Africa has in some cases had its cultures forcibly removed,  to end up influencing  many things in the Western and Eastern world.

so for me - Africa is not arriving or emerging somehow out the shadows. its arrived, its always been here from long ago and has quietly to my mind, respectfully just awaited an introduction. as any old wise person does whilst the youngsters are noisily ignoring them.