Tuesday, May 26, 2015

sketches from the 80's

to see  an influence from  1988 pop up in ones  current portfolio of expertise is rather interesting for me. the notion that architectural design can be  graphics set in stone,  has long appealed to me.

the super simplicity of form is appealing, big box small box architecture has its place - however for me fusing artistic influence into sculpture , into architectural end products, now that is very exciting.

a sketch i came across whilst looking for something else - surprised me as very similar to a lion architectural furniture , gutter end piece i designed a few months back. the thread of influence is uncanny, as i had not seen the 1988 sketch until a few weeks back.

so the subliminal mindset is constantly pulling one back to early influence. and allowing one to express this influence in different time zones, different mediums and different skill levels.