Wednesday, October 7, 2015

wildetect skateboard design on the drawing board - vivaladesign

Design is, as Design does. - vivaladesign

having come back from the pg bison / 1.1618  student 2015 design awards ceremony at the rand club in Johannesburg last week. it is extremely encouraging to see the future of design in SA. it  looks wonderfully healthy. South Africa's creative young  talent pool is getting encouragingly confident  and students are outshining / outsmarting the previous generation on an alarming scale.

this is how it should be - the design exuberance of youth showing the jaundiced , pessimistic, older guard and gits a way forward. when i was a much younger student,  this energy was stifled by control mechanisms and small mindedness.  the very thought of going against the established design minds, was a ruler smash to the knuckles, so to speak.  it is incredibly exciting to see that the time of the artist,  the poet,  the dreamer is once again upon us. its here! flourishing! in the South African design landscape.  generally this time reaches its crescendo as  a world war,  but hay,  at least the creative output  now, allows the doldrums of the trenches to have a reflective shine.

what i love about student design minds of today is they are not afraid to experiment with conceptual thought, they are not afraid to express design ideas and they fervently defend design concepts with a passion that is most encouraging and refreshing.

the forever a student wildetect in me salutes this design energy - vivaladraught! , vivaladesign!  because there is a time for revolution and a time to create and a time to rebuild and design.

The design future does look bright here in Africa.

an organic shaped wildetect skateboard deck - an Excalibur.