Thursday, October 8, 2015

wildetect skateboards organics mechanics hybrid

To fuse organic form with mechanical machine type engineering is the wildetects design ideal. these  wildetect skateboard decks take what we are exploring in an architectural arena and fuse them into functional equipment. its faster to interact with an end product deck design than an architectural building - which means as a designer your growing faster.

wildetecture is a conceptual hybrid crossover design ideal. working between architecture and raw street apparel. We are exploring all design arenas from fashion to sports equipment through to furniture design all here in cape town. our brand of artistic expression is African fauvistic design. wildetecture if you will.

the wildetect skateboard deck  designs are not really looking to be part of whats gone before - the design is not looking to be a part of the pack or even part of anyone's collection. just a lone wolf conceptually powerful design. wildetecture's skateboard deck  design explores unique deck shapes that appeal to an  individual sense. maybe it starts a revolution of possibilities , maybe not. its different and thats what wildetecture's design studio tries hard to achieve - if you have seen it before - then its not wildetecture. and i doubt you have seen a deck like this before - fusion deck / medieval sword and visual rawness.

have several further designs awaiting the team riders R & D.