Monday, September 12, 2016

arise the formula driven artistic creative

thanks, in part, to reality talent TV driven shows, it seems we now have the rise of the formula driven artistic creative.

Had a very brief discussion with my second hand book chap last week. (you know the chats, the discussions  between the many important things you've got to do, always to brief as you have to fly off to some structured meeting you never remember again ever anyway) .  he raised some pertinent issues. coupled with my own acquired,  limited yes , understanding.

I feel the above needs to be aired and artistic creatives need to break out of this tick box, paint by numbers, formula driven creative approach to everything currently being explored. its really  killing the very essence of  artistic creative spontaneous combustion and the artistic designs never  before seen creative ethos.

The scientific mind is not an artistic mind, when science dominates the arts you have science and not art. the 2 are linked on levels but the 2 are not the same. "thank goodness for that." the greatest thing about a real artist is they can never technically create the same thing twice. that's art - science will seek to clone - art does not - and should never. technically correct is the objective of the engineer.

In the past - in the music industry for example,  it wasn't always the incredible voice that was  the reason why a musician was successful. many 70's and 80,s artists would have been hoofed straight off these viscous little talent singing shows,  hoofed off by the appointed gestapo type expert panel, that themselves are not always gifted with a great set of vocals. however are now seen to be the absolute benchmark of where  "that particular creative industry" should be going.

in the movie industry for example it also seems that creativity is being stifled by remakes of old classic after old not so classics.  instead of trying to focus on new original "take a chance" content, the movie moguls would rather tweek existing scripts of movies done many times before.

what ever happened to the concept of,  i love music ive never heard of before or i love films im still as yet to see for the first time ever?? critics are the killers of individual thought - because we read what they say and judge according to "these never made a film, self appointed guru's". why not just go see the movie yourself - have your own opinion rather. most times it wont be the same as the jaundiced eye movie critics.

it appears we have reached a creative ceiling in many of the arts. WHY?  well it could be any number of reasons. it could be possible the blockage could be the very creative schools and environments created to nurture such wonderful talent.  "a rose my friend, is always a rose, no matter the soil from whence it grows."  i find any expert in the field of arts is already not current when they have very strong opinions about the subject and refuse to budge on their established ideas.  my esteemed book man - the one who was party to the 10 minute exchange of thought. mentioned  punk rock was great - not because it was any good - or even nurtured incredible musical talent - in fact most of the artists where just screaming, no shouting really on a stage. but it lit a fire under peoples idea of what music was and could be. creative endeavor doesn't always have to be a Monet. it has to be a passionate unique response to ones own unique environment - remember only you are traveling the road your on. so only you can truly interpret it in an artistic way. so why does it appear , everyone seems to want to just say the exact same thing. its sadly the herd creative mindset or the critic color in the lines, or you not going to sing in the next round vagus mentality. why are we pushing creative synchronization, when what is needed is creative individuality.

remember a troll under the bridge will not ever let you past.  even though your vision can see the beautiful green grass on the other side. trolls will never  let you past. (why?) simply because they can and will stop you, the reason is not complicated however for sensitive creatives its reason enough to give up. and sadly many do.  that is why it is really up to the creative,  to find a non violent way around those who profess to be the artistic and talent scout gurus - get back to PASSION before even attempting creative endeavor. passion is the single most powerful reason for doing anything creative.

the REAL success of your work is simply measured on how much YOU enjoyed it. not on sales or who validates you. original creative ideas and thoughts will always be met by extreme violent opposition from the expert gestapo type panel. its how people without the talent showcase they have talent by controlling those who actually have it. why put yourself in that nightmare firing line, to become the next formula driven creative puppet. To  kick out an album with absolutely no soul.

A person  born with a talent isn't always more successful than the folk who work hard at improving their accumulated skills through passion. these creative sloggers have  chosen to add skills to the quiver along the way.  its the artists that see beyond the trolls on the bridge, that are the true future of original creativity and original artistic endeavor. sometimes  trolls are hiding in plane sight and simply are passion killers because of their own lack of esteem.

so if you are a creative, please stop throwing yourself at cold fowl feet for creative validation. you dont need artistic degrees and pieces of academic paper to tell you your an artist. (scientists and engineers need these things) artists dont - your last work is your degree.  you just need a little bit of self belief to passionately follow what you love doing, = create a portfolio of artistic evidence - this out ways any artistic paper degree gathering dust on a shelf - the best creatives are those that have gone around the current established system, to showcase unique ability - the system will hate you for it - but so what - a few seconds and it just hisses past to hate someone else.

original work is forged from those that remember,  only they are experiencing the life they are living - therefore only they can interpret it and showcase what they are going through. each creative to ones own chosen artistic outlet medium.

this will stop the rise of the formula driven creative and give rise to the Passion Driven Creative Spontaneous Artistic Combustionite. (yup i know - its not a word -  dont care)