Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WILDETECTURE African fauvistic design

WILDETECTURE - "comprises in part, of the art expressions stolen OR borrowed from Africa. the WILDETECTS ARE ENDEAVORING TO STEAL THEM BACK. "

Had our first wildetect meeting of 2017 yesterday, at a coffee shop in cape town - no better place to shoot the breeze. we have offices in bree street and have the privlege to meet in the green room at academy IDT in roeland street. however on occasion its just great to meet in a coffee shop - we have a preferred one, but will punt that ol name when we get a free coffee - not their yet we just incognito at the moment.

we have agreed to expand the hands and feet department of wildetecture considerably this year. invited 3 more frothing wildetect type creatives on board to capitalize on the wildetect concept creative platform we have been building for the last 8 yrs.

So get ready for a few new design concepts that will create left of center thinking across the board. our new wildetecture logo is set to redefine the concept of logo's in the digital age - designed by Tyrone Pearce - very excited about this project. because as the wildetects we can design logo's, but not anything like this - the mathematics involved in this end product left me scratching my head.

for 2017 expect new wildetect type architectural designs , art, furniture, skateboard decks and surfing attachments and wild African fauvistic design.

Tyrone Du Preez is also joining the team as we look at expanding the brands reach and capabilities. we are doing a photo shoot this Friday and as photo shoots go - its always fun. attached a shot of a previous shoot - with calvin siderfin - wild cape town wind sculpted trees - wildetects peering into the distance of the sea looking perhaps for the flying dutchman.