Saturday, January 27, 2018

creative energy conundrum

doing anything creative is about spark , ignite and the burning passion to follow through on a design or art concept. all this  requires valuable energy. who knows what fires this process up or what motivates one to wake up very early to push through a conceptual design creative process or what motivates one to put paint onto canvas or to be inspired to sketch ones ideas or to sculpt.

sadly lately we are being hit by an unprecedented amount of energy sapping negativity. its extremely difficult to get motivated on any level. i read the news all the time - from sky news to news 24 - i read. i picked up this habit when i lived and worked in London - reading the newspapers everyday was what i did. English newspapers are very meaty and full of interesting articles - not always the news of that day - but other interesting articles one wouldn't stumble upon on ones own.

today reading the news on the net  is  immediate, graphic and extremely, extremely horrific. some hoomans act in a monstrous way that defies any perceivable logic. people who  behave in these negative extreme ways are  coming out from the darkest places and are given the light to monster showcase. their unfathomable behavior is increasing and is getting sadly louder and louder.

what is the upshot of this for a chap such as myself. as a sensitive person, this barrage of extreme conduct does nothing for the creative mind. (ones creative skill level isn't important - however if one enjoys creating positive ideas then that is whats important)  its very difficult to find a spark to ignite  passion moments withing this quagmire of increasing monster negativity. one cant ignore or pretend this negative behavior  is not happening. it is seemingly getting worse by the day. journalists blur the line between reporting the news and ghoulishly salivating over the details. the more this brutal monster form of expressionism escalates it takes massive energy away from those who think deeply and are sensitive to making things that people can enjoy. a creative process that allows discussion and interaction that allows dialogue towards artistic expression is a great conversation to be had. however this is stifled by this brutal onslaught of monster type behavior that is permeating every vestige of human endeavor.

these negative monster behavior specimens  are taking so much more from humanity than just our lives - they are taking the very life blood of creative ideas. have we reached the pinnacle of mans trajectory. i wont let this deflate my energy - one must push through the thin air of any summit.
being mesmerized by the foulest of behavior is as low as one can go - i think we are so much more than the sum of our news day articles.

the minority who hold sway over the majority have taken from us for far, far to long. to give notoriety to monstrous behavior is whats fueling this extreme energy sapping behavior.

to counter act this scourge or virus behavior will require a herculean effort - but one must work hard to create the spark to ignite ones creative passion to express positive dialogue with conceptual end products.