Tuesday, January 2, 2018

wildetect 3of3 2018 design & implementation goal

a few years back this VNLT design received a few million hits on reddit and ninegags - yes it is a 3d rendered model pic, as a couple of very clever people kept pointing out  - some of the comments where hilarious, even some of the real meant to be super mean ones. which there where aplenty.

anyway whilst walking to the bathroom i had an amphibian (spl check wont correct epiphiknee correctly)  so in 2018 the wildetects are going to build this exact VNLT table - and show that function can and does follow aesthetic - yes, yes i know - we will be looking for crowd funding - and what ever is raised by the end of that procedure will determine the depth of this VNLT design. yes the chairs look uncomfortable and the practicalities might need ironing out. but as per the 2 million or so hits , determined - people dont care if they are uncomfortable - as long as they feel they are looking good.

so look out for this endeavor 2018 - coming to a high sea near you. this is an example of wildetecture furniture design  - what happens when 4th generation people get left on a dynamic African continent far, far away.

wild aesthetic coupled with wild design ideas - wildetecture