Thursday, April 5, 2018

a conversation with a wildetect

The concept of Wildetecture  allows the design sensitive to Work within a space where they given the absolute  freedom to express their individual  color palette.

I completely understand why some creatives feel the absolute need to want to work in a 4 x 4 cell surrounded by hamster wheel driven colleagues. this process will definitely toughen one up.
however the risk sadly when working in the creative box is it can make one become very, very jaded. And that effects ones ability to transcend the sublime. however running parallel to everyone else and not with them. one is  able to run much , much faster.

as a wildetect creative one looks at design through ones own creative interpretations. It might be wrong, it might be strange. It's definitely not current.  But the glasses are set to a very individual setting. wildetecture is unique by definition of departure.

This worlds working elites entire creative focus is to get everyone to look at things in the exact same way. that is consumerism - wouldn't really work if we didn't all herd towards the same trough to drink.

Wildetecture absolutely defies this mindset.  Wildetecture represents the creative that does not conform to the norm. one that Is able to work outside the framework. Not those creatives that completely operate inside the machine.

One finds creative confidence inside yourself.  Nobody ever easily gives you this creative confidence. no artistic degree , no pat on the head, no amount of your wonderfuls will give one artistic confidence. YOU and you alone need to validate your artistic self - then you will handle all the critical voices that will barrage you, from the moment you showcase your artistic work to the world. 

This worlds Simon's are champing at the bit to take that freedom and artistic confidence away from anyone not measuring up to the tick box voice dynamics, only a man of that caliber is attuned to find. I am so very glad Bob D or some of yester years other music greats never stood on a find the voice stage - they would have been given a very tough time. maybe left music altogether. you see "the creative formula of one man, is the absolute poison of the next." brilliant creativity and talent and skill is so much more than just having a brilliant voice - mostly which you inherited rather than forged through fire yourself. 

All really magnificent Art is a very personal journey of self discovery. That's what people buy into. Because if you, the artist , discover yourself, you have conquered something not many people ever come near to doing. your art work reflects this rare discovery.

So everyone wants  a piece of  artwork that endeavors to be close to achieving that. talented
Artists are true pioneers because they wrestle with major inner issues and turmoil and then express it in the real.  A magnificent artist is one who can do this in sculpture and in architecture. 

That's where wildetecture is heading , without looking for the validation of anyone, without needing simon says approval. wildetecture simply is what it is. and if you dont like what it is,  thats perfectly OK - I know what im about to say, will offend you , but to be real, its not being done for YOU - its being done for ME and you are most welcome to watch if you like.