Thursday, April 5, 2018

minutes to a wildetect meeting - april 2018

The road to creative independence is paved in blood sweat and tears - it’s also a road that one will  gain almost equal measures of  humility and strength  if your wise - so it’s great wildetect 1 of 3 wants to embark on a pathway of creative Self-discovery and sometimes the cutting of the symbolic umbilical cord is a necessary process for real growth to really develop. 

I for one fully understand and support that - what one lets go of will all form  part of your tapestry at the end of your journey- that is why it is said "the day of your death is greater than the day of your birth." ones creative journey must never be encumbered by others whilst  you discover your artistic purpose. follow your gut and strive for creative uniqueness - that’s really the key - there are so many talented artists  but mostly they all work in a set  mold and their genius is restricted by the box, by their lecturer, by there peers, by there employer. They all want creative parameters to work in because they feel that’s where the x factor is - the brilliance really is whilst sitting on top of the box,  not in it.

The concept of Wildetecture is a design / creative  incubator, an endeavor that wrapped around many of the art movements of times before. A group of like minded creatives  aligning themselves around a set of idealistic design based  thoughts - to showcase collective and individualistic endeavor , the pupa  housing for the butterfly to develop really - we all have strengths and although I am creative,  one of my skills  so To speak - is I recognize unique talent and make sure it is focused on becoming the best it can be. That’s why im a teacher - I love the process of watching someone’s confidence and  passion grow. In this analogy im not a shade tree - I believe creative growth happens when one allows others to bask in the full sunlight - because as a creative that is the hardest thing to do - because creative, artists, poets all harbor delusions of individual grandeur , and sharing limelight does not come standard with the model.  - if one doesn’t  have these delusions, then ones endeavors would on the most part be insipid.

One does tend to lose ones individual artistic identity in a collective , so I understand the need for independence.  Artistic talent and architectural genius is 10 a penny to be honest - to be at the top of that heap of professionals and talent,  all trying to fight for the limelight is a wrangle I want no part of really. 

Hence the concept of Wildetecture was born for me. its very name signifies an artistic rebellion of the norm. Its  A concept definitely to the  left of center , its something that has  existed in various forms over time but it  needed fleshing out by a team.  That  was something I couldn’t do on my own - it needed dialogue and conversation - it needed spark.

I have also lost a certain individual creative spark by being part of a collective. That is why I need to get back to my purpose as well.

Im going to meet up with a carpentry team  Monday and look at building up 2 VNLT 1 point 0 tables  - the original table that first sparked the conversation. I have allowed other models to develop from the original thought and those have been executed well.  I will look at exploring a crowd funding option and I will model the chairs on those incredible Scandinavian chairs at the ripple house.  

The drama of the impossible is made manifest in the Endeavor to pull it out the ether. The VNLT 1.0 is a vehicle I would like to see in the real.  To launch it will take considerable effort but like looking to find oneself in New York  or in an architects office - I believe I will find myself in the outpouring of individualistic wildetect work. Not shackled by a client or anyone else’s mind or office space. Where no pressures exists other than the need to see an end product emerge out the dust. I will need to use minimal funding from Wildetecture , however I want to crowd fund as much as possible - I feel its time for me to experiment more tactfully with a wood working carpentry base. I need to experiment with form again in the real.

So whilst New York  beckons wildetect 1 and 2 greatness across the vast Atlantic - when one hits over 45 yrs as in my case - its the vast oceans of one’s mind and individual unique endeavor is where ones compass starts to point. Exploring the first threads of what sparked Wildetecture for me is now a destination that beckons - the initial energy that pushed this wildetect ship into the ocean. So to set sail for ones planned destination  is the exciting part of life. Its always good to keep the fires burning and remember you will always without fail  find yourself just behind your toes. No matter if your at home or on the very edge of the world.