Tuesday, April 3, 2018

wildetecture RAW artistic expression

Wildetecture is an organic animal that lives through RAW artistic expression and passion. The kind of Passion that drives one to express creative individualistic thought. the kind of RAW human thought crystallized or captured into a visible artistic end product. that is what Wildetecture represents to us - an outpouring of creative endeavor into crystallized artistic thought.  to extract creative thought out of the mist and ether and Put it in front of an audience, that is what generations of artistic creatives  have been attempting to do for eons really. extremely few have really achieved this successfully, however mostly, we are all not so successful.

That crazy RAW artistic expression and wild step up - is what makes fantastic art,  magnificent. to take everyday functional items and give them a wildetecturized slant is the challenge for us as wildetect creatives. to create art that starts a minute, small dialogue that potentially can become a crescendo. 

if the crescendo does happen,  then that is the ultimate goal of all artists - if your creating artwork without this concept in mind from the very start- then the work you do will really just end up being insipid,  lacking passion, a Luke warm endeavor. this type of attempt does not really excite anyone. 

Poets, artists, writers have for eons attempted to create a never ending artistic conversation. to spin off concepts that perpetually create dialogue exponentially. this is a concept that is extremely difficult to achieve in reality. but if your not creating art with this in mind from the start, then is it worth even putting pen to paper. in fact these artistic conversations spanning time are so incredibly rare that it is achieved 1 in tens of millions of artistic attempts. so its not a case of arrogance - its a case of,  all artists should really want their work to be the very best they can deliver - so that they can try and ignite an inferno of artistic conversation spanning many generations. that is your ultimate goal.

to create stimulating  art one must completely over project ones artistic ideas and work - and just maybe - perhaps,  by some minute chance, your artist endeavor and work might just interest one other person. then you've started an artistic chain reaction that makes everything worth while. how far the artistic reaction travels is now out of your hands. but you've started it. mostly it touches nobody, sometimes just 1 person,  maybe it touches 5. but if it sparks and ignites an inferno of thought and conversation - then that is the unicorn of artistic ideals -it will be  an art piece that speaks for the ages. every artists must endeavor to achieve this ideal with their work - otherwise why even attempt or make the effort in the first place. only a very few ever achieve this rare feat. however its the absolute obligation of every artist to at least try their very best - otherwise the work one puts out is simply mediocre and that in itself is a very sad start to any artistic endeavor and conversation.

wildetecture endeavors to start this perpetual motion artistic dialogue. to create spark and ignite a revolution of creative thought and artistic endeavor - time itself and time alone will tell if the endeavors will be worth any of the artistic effort. architecture, interior, design, fashion, art. 

very few of us really has the time to wait and to see if ones artistic endeavors will radiate beyond themselves. so every artists must just try as hard as possible to achieve that potentail artistic dialogue that can create a crescendo of revolutionized artistic thought, beyond their own very limited vision.

we throw artistic thought through the misty veil of time - like the hand print on the cave wall - we now actively seek to understand the artist but all we have is the end product. we analyse his material, her surroundings and we want to know more. that hand print represents time and time is what distinguishes great artistic endeavor from the mostly mediocre.

Africa distills time - and that is why its again time that Africa's talented creatives showcase their own unique artistic dialogue and artistic chain reaction conversation.

that is what wildetecture endeavors to do - only time will tell if the effort was worth the spark.