Monday, April 23, 2018

wildetecture cross section of wild architectural design ideas - from sculpted flying bird truss roof designs to sculptural leopard buildings - wildetecture firmly believes there is "nothing new under the sun" - the only thing that changes is our human perspective and depending on your vantage point - that perspective will depend on what will be.

these wildetect designs have all been seen before within natures setting - nothing really new under the sun, just a fresh built environment interpretation, that is all.

so the architect who designs from a wonderful "self" perspective is negating the absolute fact that nature is and always will be our guide to sustainable , beautiful aesthetically pleasing architecture. man has always proved to be cubist by nature however natures possibilities are endless. mans academic view of give me a pill to save time, spills out in every endeavor. well living in Africa one has a different perspective - to sit and stare at the vast natural beauty around one is the pill and fortunately it hasn't been invented by man.