Monday, June 4, 2018

artistic conversation is the mother of all disease

myself and a  friend of mine got stuck into a hearty conversation along the lines of why is some art worthy of a mention, whilst some is a complete non starter. not a long chat but a robust debate which stirred the soul. he is a chef and an aspiring musician , both creative outcomes have a very definite end product measure - the foods edible or terrible,  you can either play music or its a noise. art appears to be more difficult to decipher - that is why for me,  its fascinating. i have met many creatives over time and most are very passionate about their chosen medium of expression. most have talent - however most are still on the road to self discovery. an arduous road filled with surprises, twists, pit falls and dragons.

art to my mind is about starting a perpetual motion conversation - what makes some conversations longer and more intense than others? well there is simply no exact formula and their shouldn't really be - what works for one shouldn't really work for another - each person breaking through the artistic ceiling membrane needs to do so on an individual basis. that keeps things fresh and organic.

i have met some incredibly talented artists who's work is less sought after than a contemporary who might appear less involved in the process.  many creatives, artist cry foul and bemoan this unfairness - however artistic endeavor is not about the monetary value - (although it definitely is.) people flock to see a painting that has a huge price tag - but wont really look twice at one that has no real financial  value.

the best art for me is that which seeks to put the human mind disease on a canvas - that which expresses internal emotion, or makes you wonder more about the artists state of mind - still life and flowers are great and definitely have  a place - however that which seeks to express the human condition and journey in its raw undiluted form is extremely intriguing. its why one is drawn to music that stirs your very imagination and soul.

my friend is also more of an engineering minded individual,  so everything has an exact mathematical outcome and a pure exact route. art to my mind  is more for the dreamer , the person who likes to explore their own unique journey and  then individually express it. their is no real exact outcome - the art i love the most is that which has me wanting to share the journey with the artist - if they are dead then its the fascination of what where they like - its a brief sniff of a life lived. i suppose a silly analogy is the fascination people have of old photos of Marilyn Monroe , James Dean.  what makes some lives more intriguing than others, that i cant say.  just go look at some art work - and if it sparks you even in a small way  - then the artist has started a conversation with you - a line of communication has been opened - not one you might ever really understand - but one that keeps you intrigued.

brilliant art - reaches out to you every time you interact - and that is the value of art to my mind - very few artists achieve this level of communicative expertise - but when you experience it - its rather extraordinary. as artists we should all strive to create art work that speaks volumes on our behalf - the depth of that conversation will determine how long that line of communication stays open - as your thoughts reach across time to spark a fellow like minded earth traveler in another age.