Tuesday, October 23, 2018

evokatism art movement

the idea of being part of an artistic perpetual motion conversation, that is held over many hundreds of years is an exciting notion. participants in this artistic dialogue dont have direct access to the now dead artists who started the conversation. but we have access to their work, this is the inspiration for the conversation itself.

then to interpret ones own perspective into this dialogue - creates the artistic conversation over time - evokatism. below you might be able to see who is part of this artistic conversation - this way one can open up several lines of communication with a few previous artists. and  carry the dialogue along into a far future time.

it also allows for a building of artistic notions without saying the same thing. art allows one to speak to a fellow earth traveler 1000 yrs from now - whether its written artistic endeavor or painted. the skeleton of end product paves the way for the flesh of conversation in the current moment.

the hand prints or the incredible animal sketches on the cave wall. what say you?