Wednesday, November 21, 2018

a poem for a familiar future - man the simple repetitive fool

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

the march to megiddo 

As they march to Nosgorov , across the Abysmal plain.
an eye alights upon a red rose , growing against the grain.

guns and sites of men align, this red rose is always at peace.
the machinations of war roll on, now awakening Valhalla's feast.

The red roses beauty under-filed, a pure vision before the dawn.
a plain spotted with vast crimson flecks, before the end of this days morn.

feet that march ordered aligned, whilst all minds drift asunder.
forced to violence boots by politicians table talk plunder.

man ruling men will lead to a familiar absolute destructive imagery.
lemming like obedience of  boots again hurrying to inhuman savagery.

how many good men to walk off a cliff before reason shocks their tiny brains?
enough men really, before the notice of a single red rose, growing against the grain.

QJD 2016