Friday, November 30, 2018

A thread 2's from Africa inspired ramblings

"When whispering softly into the night. Don't ever worry if your words are being heard. Because your ears are listening & your heart is focused, now its just a matter of aligning your whispers with action." QJD wildetect 3 of 3

2 threads of artistic design inspiration in an Africa inspired landscape.

Thread 1.
In established architectural cultures with deep existing heritage. It's really those of that culture who are tasked with the design of the architecture, art & design of their own culture. as observers we can just marvel. Africa has age old established cultures with rich artistic design architectural heritage, who just need to keep adding to their incredible depth & continue to create their dynamic future vision as set out by their previous poets artists and architects.

Thread 2.
Those of us born on this incredible African continent , 2nd , 3rd generations , who now don't really have 1 established cultural heritage. Who's new cultural blue blood comes from several heritages, that they now look to and explore. these recently arrived Africa borns Can establish their own unique inspired Artistic design identity. An interpreted creative design artistic journey from being inspired by living on a dynamic African continent.

below is just one such thread 2's interpretation of being inspired by living in Africa. African fauvistic design style, wildetecture , erxell, evokatism