Tuesday, December 4, 2018

650 blog posts & 3000 tweets

who knew one had so much to say - today i reached 650 blog posts on the QJD blog and 3000 tweets on twitter - "talk about whispering into the night" - as a person who enjoys exploring conceptual design ideas and looking to make sense of the chaos within the eye of this storm we are all experiencing - these tweets and posts have been  a way of trying to cope with the perpetual noise that constantly surrounds us all.

finally heading into the desert this weekend for some respite and internal reflection. 4 hrs outside of cape town - "sewe weeks poort".  ive learnt one doesn't have to be in a place long to get the essence of what you need from the experience. a weekend can actually suffice.  a creative CEMP (Creative Electro Magnetic Pulse) moment is immediate. one is adjusted and aligned within seconds of the new experience. its just a case of opening oneself up for the realignment process when one feels its now necessary. for me this definitely happens in nature, it can happen in conversation with someone who has much to offer - for myself mostly it happens in the silent canyons of the African desert - i remember walking into the Namibian Komsberg reserve  - parking my car on the side of a very lonely road and heading up a kraans. when i reached the top of where i could go no further,  i came across leopard spoor. reasonably fresh - i realized i had a very long lonely 3 hr walk  back to my car. i put my sunglasses on the back of my head and walked back as if i was a hunted man. for a desert leopard im sure i would have made a good meal, that is what i thought at the time anyway.

ive used these tweets and blogs as a self exploration process, as an artist these sketches are for me rather than an audience - but its nice to have a diary of thoughts outside of oneself. if someone reads them thats great - if not , thats perfectly fine.  the material is mostly from within and is a reaction to my surrounds.  Africa is a very dynamic space to derive influence from - so im hoping the 4hr drive this Friday afternoon - the late in the evening whiskey and the very early morning stillness of the desert saturday morning - will inspire a different direction in my conceptual design approach.

wildetect 2 is in Budapest now, wildetect 1 is heading to Japan next year - for me im going to be  heading into the wild bush - the African bush - going to buy a Land Rover asap - kit it out - brand wrap it up with half zebra stripes going into black leopard spoor with wildetecture woven into the imagery. and head into the lonely bush  - exploring the far off highways and byways of an untamed land - the lonely kraanse with an eagle silently circling overhead and the spoor of the silent hunters. one cannot ask for a more forefilling process of aligning the mind - so if all goes to plan my next 3000 tweets and 650 blogs will be a much slower process. because the internal reflective process will be done far from the maddening crowd.