Monday, May 2, 2011

proposed coke recycled cardboard pebble chair - wildetect style

the unsolicited by coke designed up cardboard coke pebble chair - banged out of coke cans and box cardboard from my super market skip. is going on a cape peninsula road show today. im heading off  to hermanus from muizenberg to show a client his proposed new house design. because its a bank holiday today - im taking the family. ive decided to release a batch of bottle p-mav's into the sea along the way and a file or 2 around hermanus. remember if you work out the puzzle in the p-mav you find,on a windswept cape beach. a bottle of jack daniel's awaits your endeavours. well thats if i havent finished it. - at this rate its going to be half a bottle. - however you will need the p-mav to claim the treasure.  i will  get a few pics of the logster (my son logan) sitting in the coke recycled cardboard pebble chair at various spots along cape to hermanus journey. -

this is a wildetect marketing initiative - having tried to get hold of the people that count at coke HQ. ive decided to bang out wildetect designed concepts - blog them and see if this turns a head or 2. wildetecture is one portfolio of the wildesign campaign being started by the wildetects - the wildetecture drawing and design office consists of 3 other frothing at the mouth designers, Dean , Warren and Jacques. together we form the driving force behind this african fauvistic creative campaign. the untamed continent has an immense amount to offer the world - from the history of ship wrecks, wild interior explorations and as yet to be fully appreciated. age old architectural inspiration. why not commision us to collaborate on your next design project or marketing campaign?

jacques has put together a wildetecture -  walking creative logo which you can purchase as a sticker or a t-shirt. email or go check out for further wildetect style african fauvistic buildings, art , furniture and designs.