Friday, June 19, 2009

recycled creative drawing board work station

being a creative person is about developing a tough critic proof skin and hard calloused knuckles for door knocking. the title of creative person must come from those around you and shouldn't really emanate from your own mouth to often. - this is a code to live by.
i have been treading pavements and tinkling computer keys with my wildetecture african fauvistic architectural design concepts and the erxell concept for many years. for those of you who are unfamiliar with these design ideas - i have summarised the erxell concept below. - wildetecture has its own website.

the erxell concept
the erxell concept is an exciting new design venture which I find myself hurtling towards at the speed of light. it keys into the recycled board and the idea of creating jobs and better systems for informal settlement dwellers. I have had a passion for some time to create communicative links between industry, designers, education and informal settlements. the recycled drawing board was the first phase of this vision, the optimistic catalyst or creative spark item (CSI) to create this elusive communicative link. crossing language barriers and communicating through graphics. the design idea is termed the erxell concept, which provides a mechanism to reach into impoverished areas and empower those through simple, clever design. being sympathetic to the many cultural, financial and social issues within these communities.
simply put QJD dsigen sutdio wants to consult to industry, informal settlements, educational partners -and by using industries waste, create well designed products, which folk in informal settlements can manufacture. creating the synergy, the glass bead of trade between all socio economic groups around the table.
the recycled creative drawing board will be this symbol or sculpture of this endeavour - easily reaching into the most impoverished community and providing a vehicle for communication.
as is so true - a picture speaks a thousand words.
now ladies and gentlemen - that's an idea to get completely excited about. the pictures above show the step 1-4 of being able to easily pack and transport these boards anywhere in the world.
the unveiling of the new S.A.I.D draughting chair . a fitting symbol of welding graphics, art, sculpture and design ideas. this keys into the concept of the revolutionary PGM and vivaladraught ideas currently being explored.