Friday, April 20, 2012

viking lonboat table setting sail with food and conversation to be had - wildetect style

here is the viking longboat table that makes you part of the sculpture - the chairs and table create the ribs of a viking longboat - designed as a piece to celebrate the immediate arts of good food, great wine and stimulating conversation with each meal. guests sit down and set sail on an imaginative future planning journey through conversation. much like a viking longboat setting course for distant as yet to be seen lands - on uncharted waters - this is interactive wildetect style furniture - creating the vehicles to spark your unique journey.

Michael DI Maggio is a 3d modeler and render specialist - Ive been creating designs in the 3d arena for years - however the touch of class has been added by Michael - Ive just sent him 4 of my other wildetect furniture designs to render up - simply brilliant 3d skills.