Tuesday, June 24, 2008


To design the stadium of the future the best point of inspirational reference is from our ancient cultures. The magnitude of their endeavours still leaves us completely reeling today. We are the thin edge of a very large wedge that stretches back as far as mans first artistic awakenings.
We always marvel at the great individuals throughout mans creative history. Who created a clear benchmark when their was not one, men like Vincent who never had a Vincent to inspire him. Leonardo never had a man such as himself to model himself around. We have the privilege of having these beacons to guide us. Whilst being guided and inspired by these awesome talents we should by default be creating better examples.
My point of inspirational reference for this study was the Coliseum with its labyrinth underneath and absolute drama above, the sphinx for its silent predatory strength , the gargoyles of Notre Dame and Gaudi.
I imagined huge stalking leopards acting like gargoyles or custodians of the stadium. In these custodians are restaurants, offices, penthouse suites. Providing year round revenue and a out of this world living, working, dining, shopping experience. I imagined the field rising with both teams lined up as they appear from the depths like gladiators of old. With ticker tape, cheering and hysteria. The outside of the stadium could be clad in a white vitreous enamel. So that the immense spectacle inside can be screened on the outside of the stadium. For the crowds outside to soak up the festivities inside. The euphoria is not limited to the thousands inside, the entire event can be enjoyed throughout the city. There could be a labyrinth of sports cafes , bars, sports museums beneath the stadium for those folk who want the energy of a big game but don't necessarily want to sit in the stands.
with some of these wild concepts - i send to every South African government official, football personality, celebrity, pot entail client i can think of. For this one I received numerous emails , faxes , letters telling me great idea, please go through the correct channels of tender. the aim is not to get the stadium commission - the aim is to get the brand out there. How better than to design, design, design. Showcase  far side ideas in a fun way and net spin off work at the same time. Not everyone enjoys this kind of work  and at least this way I get to meet like minded clients off the bat without having to go through to much of a grueling interview.

I watched one of those Tommy Hilfiger shows where a group of clothing designers are given tasks to showcase their skills and abilities. All clawing their way over each other to work for the ol Tom. It amazed me that the person most confidently going off as to how brilliant they where and how they so deserved the Tom spot. When the dust settled for the end of the show and the last stitch, dab of paint , eye gauge was done. That person mouthing off sat next to something that was way below the eventual top person for that days show. What left me even more completely gobsmacked was the person was still going off about their brilliant talents after they had been hoofed off the Tom podium of the next best thing. Confidence is great but a portfolio of evidence and ability on the particular design job you've been commissioned, is completely different.

the stadium of the future is a classic example of the wildetect concepts QJD design studio has been exploring. wildetecture is  raw african fauvistic architecture that is very expressionistic of this wonderfully dynamic untame-able continent - which is Africa.