Thursday, August 29, 2019

wildetecture in the karoo desert

The concept that desert space distills all thought and then aligns those thoughts to a receptive travelers mind,  is more the stillness of being than mystery. maybe each desert has its own end product stimulus per individual traveler - some find religion , some become creative,  others both maybe.

last week i drove 4 hrs into the desert karoo and 4 hrs back on the same day, to visit a client. yesterday we flew to Johannesburg from cape town for a 2 hr meeting on site and back on the same day. this concept of being in one space and then another a thousand miles away and back all in one day - is a very interesting one, invigorates the mind.

having gone into the desert on a mission with no name , it felt good to get out of the city. there were plants and birds and rocks and fynbos. in the desert one reflects inwards , the intense thick still air distills a million thoughts from a billion minds. these thoughts travel through time and space , awaiting a receptive mind to interpret them into creative ideas. so its all of our mission to find our quest in this contemplative space - only when in Africa's desert terrain,  make sure you dont think to deeply whilst you allow the leopard to sidle up on your six.