Monday, May 10, 2021

poem - present future past.

Empires built with the bones of others,

flesh & blood of fathers ,sisters, brothers, mothers.

Empires now revisiting the bricks of its stolen past,
foundations from pilfered flesh will sadly never last.

Sins of the fathers, brothers, mothers, daughters,
as histories bronzes now sink down in cold silent still waters.

Scream at mans mountains, built by tone deaf hands,
winds of change a blowing, a gale force fan.

Veneers of our own poise established thinking,
perforated full of holes & is now rapidly sinking.

Limbering towards our new uncertain future,
creation of which, has been our own set creature.

Frailties of visions,  pathetic greedy selfish man.
outcomes now known, we setting our final plan.

Staring wide eyes  through an impenetrable veil,
persevere forward , we can now only simply set sail.

Looking up but we all just see down,
head to feet, not sensing the divine crown.

Beneath ones skin , we see the sky,
now delve deep into ones own simple minds eye.

A reckoning is being sought from men long since dead,
metallic unfeeling eyes, current bronzed minded heads.

People now seeking justice from histories infringement masters,
hunting for past architects of this current systems deplorable disasters.

A structure built on the back of human suffering with greed,
will struggle with its longevity and will fail to succeed.

A true structure built on good values, spiritual justice & fine morals,
is a structure born from honorability, worth more than fine corals.

Remember what we learn about building structures on earth,
is that its about using honorable foundations in an empires birth.

wordsmith - Tarquin J Notsmad