Monday, May 10, 2021

poem - rise the dark age of man

Rise the Ibis with the crow,
Eire of nature they will us show.

Adjutants grow strong, await the feed,
staring wide eyes, mans rampant unchecked greed.

Diamond Tiara's, Gold ruby rings,
burning all flesh, painful red stings.

Harbingers of death flock in the periphery,
hooded creatures herald a dark, light epiphany.

Blazing red moon, controls our wild sea,
darkest day noon , we shall soon see.

The good in man shall yet him save,
from the conspirators pale rider & the grave.

Dont be hornswoggled by the impending storm,
the thunder klap signals mankind to warn.

Man awaits the end of his dark day rising.
free from his own blindness, is now not surprising.

Our vision is clear as we see beyond the dark night,
salvation is near as we walk thankfully towards light.

QJD 2017